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Welcome to Total Care Removals

Everybody knows removals have to be traumatic, expensive and a nightmare – right? WRONG!

Total Care Removals changes the game, the rules and all the old accepted wisdoms. We’ve re-engineered the removals experience from top-to-bottom and made it 100% focussed on YOU!

  • Gone is the uncertainty.
  • Gone are all the hidden extras.
  • Gone are the delays, problems, excuses and high costs.

They’ve all been replaced with our total professionalism born out of decades of experience.

Sound too good to be true?

Well, why not look further and see for yourself!

Clients Reviews

  • Mary B.

    Total Care were really great. Your people were friendly, helpful and very professional. I’d gladly recommend you to anyone.

    Kevin F, Logistics Manager

    We had a tricky office removal and we made it worse by getting a few things wrong. You managed to cope in spite of our errors and I’m very grateful.

    Martin C.

    Packing great. Removal faultless. Your cleaners were also fantastic. Well done and don’t hesitate to ask for a reference if ever you need one.

    Phil and Beth McM

    Many thanks for a great service. Your guys gave 101% and put themselves out to help us get through our removals day nerves and the odd glitch. Excellent A++ service!

    Mick J. Business Owner

    Whe-hey! Our shop was moved effortlessly and we hardly had to do a single thing ourselves - apart from make some coffee that is! I’ll use you again and recommend to others. Cheers!

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