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About Us

About Us

There are certain so-called ‘street truths’ about domestic and professional removals that we refuse to accept – namely that by definition they’re always:

• Expensive and/or
• Traumatic

We decided to prove our view was right by forming Total Care Removals.

Why are these negative views common place?

The trouble is that removals, at face value, look ‘easy’. Some removals companies appear to believe it’s all about simply getting as much as possible into as few boxes as possible and then getting those onto a van by whatever means necessary.

We know that’s not how things should be done.

Removals is about having a total professional overview of the entire requirement and then making sure you deliver a services portfolio that allows each individual element of the requirement to be met.

In a nutshell, that’s what we at Total Care Removals are about.

Who are ‘we’?

Total Care Removals is a team and everyone employed by us is part of that team. In that sense, we don’t have hierarchies and we don’t believe that any team role is somehow ‘more important’ than any other.

We formed Total Care Removals after many years’ experience working in the New Zealand removals industry. It’s a fact that we have worked our way up through the removals industry from the very ground floor. In that time, we’ve seen many great practices plus quite a few that we knew could be improved upon in order to provide a better and/or more cost-effective service.

So, this business is one we know every nut and bolt of and we deploy that intimate and in-depth knowledge to our customers’ benefit.

In our company, we deliver an entirely new removals experience – one in which nightmares don’t happen and where our customers spend more of their time smiling than fretting!

Of course, we also know that making promises and bold statements is very easy.

However, we won’t compromise on our quality standards or our commitment to deliver an exemplary and unrivalled service to our customers. We’ll do whatever it takes to get your move completed to your total satisfaction.

How can we prove that to you?

Well, only by inviting you to call us for a chat and eventual quotation. The first will give you a feel for our total professionalism and dedication to your needs. The second will show you that a 100% quality service orientation doesn’t mean an unaffordable price.

Let’s be clear – not even we can totally eliminate worry from your move. It’s perfectly natural and even perhaps advisable for you to be a little concerned because apart from anything else, it will help you to make the right removals company choice.

What we can do though is to help you manage those natural concerns and to show you that a removal can be straightforward.

We’d love to hear from you and no job is either too big or too small for Total Care Removals !