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Access to Your Property

Access to Your Property

A while back we read a story relating to an incident in the United Kingdom.

This was widely reported in the news there and involved the sad but natural death of an elderly person at the top of a tower accommodation block.

The undertakers went to collect the body with a coffin. As you may have perhaps guessed by now, on the way down in the lift there was a mechanical fault meaning that the three men and the coffin were stuck for almost 4 hours until they could be freed.

Of course this must have been distressing for the family concerned but it might also bring a smile to some people’s faces. Yet there is an important message there relating to difficult-to-access property.

For a commercial relocation or residential relocation, it is imperative that there is good access if things are to run smoothly. This really involves two different things:

1. Access to upper floors.

2. Convenient parking for our vehicles.

Whilst all of our removers are very fit, even so, if your location is at the top of a relatively tall building, it may be difficult to move everything via stairs. This is particularly an issue in commercial relocations when heavy equipment might be involved.

Where lifts and elevators are in place, it’s imperative that the building’s owners have agreed to dedicate one to your use for a period of time by key. If lifts are under pressure from other residents or premises owners also using them as your removal is underway, delays may build up and friction might arise between you and other people in the building.

So, if you can, do something to negotiate access to the lifts well in advance of your removal.

Vehicle parking has been touched on before in our blogs and there’s really not a lot we can add other than to remind you that you may need to take whatever steps are required in order to ensure that our vehicle is able to park as close as possible to your property.
We may be able to offer you some further advice and guidance on that one.