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Are Your Boxes Clearly Labelled?

Are Your Boxes Clearly Labelled?

A recent story overseas related to a poor couple who’d had some of their household removal boxes, intended for delivery just down the road to their new home in France, sent to California instead.

These “zany stories” pop up in the news from time to time and they’re good for a laugh. No doubt the couple concerned got their possessions back and hopefully some compensation for the incompetence too! Even so, the trauma and inconvenience that results from such situations might not be trivial or a laughing matter.

Of course, as professional household and office movers,   there is no way we’re going to ship your household goods to the USA or anywhere else for that matter – unless you ask us to that is. These misdirection stories often have their origin in one of two scenarios:

We can’t say much about the first point because the post is the post. Sometimes, even if you’ve clearly addressed your items, something, somewhere, goes haywire.

In terms of the second though, this is much more our area of expertise.

If you’re putting some or all of your removal items into storage, you may need to choose between a shared storage facility (essentially a warehouse where your objects will be in a corner somewhere) and one reserved for your private use. We’d always recommend the latter but if you do decide to use a shared facility, it’s important to be aware that mistakes can happen if your contents are not clearly and appropriately labelled.

Someone working in a warehouse might not have the time to go looking for tiny labels hidden in obscure places. So, it’s really important that your items are all clearly identified with your name and whatever other identifiers you deem necessary.

We can, of course, supply adhesive and other forms of labels if you’re planning to put some of your items into shared storage facilities. Please contact us for more advice and information – we’d be only too pleased to help.