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Carpenters / Joiners and Moving Home

Carpenters / Joiners and Moving Home

Most domestic removal customers typically don’t put “find a carpenter or joiner” at the top of their ‘things to do’ list when planning their move.

Yet there are times when they might be either highly advisable or even essential.

That’s typically the case in two sets of circumstances:

• When you need to remove doors, windows, panelling or other wooden features in order to get large items out of your home or into your new one
• In situations where an item needs to be dismantled before removal – something that may or may not be easier than removing doors and windows.

As part of our household removals service, we may well be able to help in certain situations here and if so, you won’t need a specialist. Clearly, if a piece of furniture is self-assembly then you can easily dismantle it yourself.  If doors can be just lifted off their hinges then we can perhaps help there.

However, if you have large antique doors, windows or valuable crafted and joined items of wooden furniture, we may not be able to assist due to the risks of potentially damaging the item concerned.  In such situations, you may need to look for a specialist or we can help to find one if required.

This requirement will usually be spotted by us and recommendations made, at the time we conduct our initial survey.

A related point here applies in terms of the property you’re vacating.  If you need to start removing doors and windows, there may be the risk of minor damage to items and surrounds, which will need to be restored. It might also be prudent to inform the new owners of your need to do so, as it relates to the structure of the property and you’ll want to avoid debates and disputes when they take possession.

Of course, if you’re moving into or leaving rented accommodation and need to take such steps, you will need your landlord’s permission in advance.