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Does More Labour Make For Faster Removals?

Does More Labour Make For Faster Removals?

Strangely, this is a question we are often asked.

It usually arises when customers are on a very tight schedule and would like to get their removal uplifted in the morning and delivered and unloaded in the afternoon. Depending upon the size of the move, that request can sometimes be a challenge even if the destination is relatively close.

So, the thought might be that putting more people on the job to pack, load and unload will speed everything up.

As a moving company we are, of course, very flexible. Sometimes we can respond to requests of this nature and allocate an additional pair or two of hands to the job.

Obviously, that might have cost implications and there is no way that we are going to throw casual and untrained labour at a job. We will only ever use our own employees or companies and people we have previously worked with extensively.

Surprisingly though, putting additional bodies into a removal doesn’t always necessarily speed things up. It’s extremely difficult to generalise but sometimes too many people trying to pack and load at the same time in a relatively confined space can lead to them getting under each other’s feet.

Many of our established and expert removal teams have their own ways of working and do so extremely efficiently. Having others around getting involved can break up their routine and can paradoxically, lead to delays.

There are though many things that a typical commercial or household client can do to speed things up on the day itself, including the obvious one of making sure that everything is fully packed and ready to go the night before.

So, why not give us a call to discuss the specific nature of your removals requirements including, if appropriate, anything that is going to be something of a one-day rush job? We may well have some great ideas to help that may or may not involve using additional people on the job.

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