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Don’t Economise on Cartons

Don’t Economise on Cartons

It is sometimes the case that when we arrive for Christchurch removals where the owners have done their own packing, we immediately become concerned about the quality of the cardboard cartons they have used.

Although we have touched on this one before in our blogs, it’s so important we’ve decided to revisit the subject.

The cartons you pack your household goods in serve two purposes:

Obviously, nobody wants their precious items rolling about loose in the back of a removals van.  So, it’s important that the cartons are strong enough to prevent even sometimes relatively heavy items falling through the bottom of them.

There is also the need for them to be of sufficient quality that they can stand a few knocks and perhaps even a little bit of getting slightly wet if they’re being carried in the rain from your home into the vehicle.

The second point above is equally important.

It would be prohibitively expensive to only stack your cartons one row deep in the vehicle.  In order to maximize the space utilisation inside our vans, we simply have to be able to stack the cartons one on top of the other without fear that they’re going to collapse the moment anything is placed on them.

While we totally understand that the cost of removals can be a concern, economising on cartons is really not a smart idea.  That is why in some cases, we may need to reserve the right to refuse to load one of your cartons if, in our opinion, it is insufficient to carry the weight inside it or is so flimsy as to be unlikely to survive the journey in one piece.

We can provide cartons or help you to source very strong, sturdy and robust ones yourself if you wish.  In some cases that may incur some minor expense but that is usually trivial in the overall scheme of things.

So, before deciding to use those cartons that you’ve used 1000 times previously try to be objective about their condition and don’t hesitate to give us a call for some advice.