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Don’t Overload Boxes when Packing

Don’t Overload Boxes when Packing

One of the commonest mistakes we see when a customer has done their own packing is that of overloading boxes or cartons.

That mistake can happen for a number of reasons.  It’s usually to do with people perhaps understandably trying to reduce the number of individual boxes to be used and shifted by getting as much into each one as possible.

However, that can be a serious mistake for two reasons:

Assuming you are using cartons and boxes that have been professionally designed for removals purposes, you should see indicated somewhere on them a maximum loading wright.  Obviously, that weight shouldn’t be exceeded and ideally the weight should be roughly evenly distributed inside the carton too.

We make no apologies for recommending again that you allow us to provide you with professional packing services.  Yes, it does cost money but it will help to ensure that your goods arrive in perfect condition and reduce or even eliminate the possibilities of some of the above traumas coming to pass.

Unlike a typical furniture mover in Auckland, our packers are fully professional and have been thoroughly vetted by and known to us, for a number of years.  You may, in fact, be pleasantly surprised at how cost-effective our packing services are given the peace of mind that they offer.

So, rather than try and turn yourself into a professional packer for the day of your move, why not call us for a discussion about just how we can help you with this potentially critical area?