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Don’t Risk Putting Your Back Out

Don’t Risk Putting Your Back Out

One of the reasons you are using Total Care Removals is to ensure that you have professionals doing just about everything you need to be done on your big relocation day.

In fact, there should be no reason whatsoever for you to lift anything heavy but we do know that occasionally people like to help or you might also just be doing some moving around yourself prior to our arrival to get things ready.

Now our guys are strong and fit plus they have been trained in how to lift weights sensibly.  Many of our customers haven’t and as a result, injury is always a possibility.

Here are a few quick thoughts which should be common knowledge but which are sometimes overlooked!

When you lift, keep your back straight and your legs relatively close together and pointing forward.  Take the weight and lift it with your legs rather than the muscles of your back.  This may help reduce the chances of you suffering back strain, other forms of lumber injury and hernias.

If you have previously had a tendency to back strains and related injuries, make sure that you use some sort of lumber support belt when lifting. Nobody will laugh at you!

Always use sturdy shoes when lifting and moving heavy objects.  If the items concerned are particularly heavy, use boots with reinforced toe caps.

It’s also a sensible idea to use some heavy-duty gloves in certain circumstances, to avoid splinters and other hand injuries.

Know your own limitations and don’t be intimidated about asking others to help.  In particular, don’t get impatient and decide to ‘do it yourself’ when things would be much safer with two people.  Wait for the other person to become available!

Once again though, if you are using our professional packing services, there may be no need for you to lift anything anywhere. Just ask us in and let us remove the worry of heavy lifting from you.