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FAQs – Moving Expensive Furniture

FAQs – Moving Expensive Furniture

Here are a few of the questions we received when we’re being asked to engage in furniture removals, Christchurch and elsewhere, that involve expensive furniture items.

Can you make special packing arrangements for precious furniture?

Yes, that would be absolutely no problem.

Although we always pack and protect to exceptional standards, we also know that sometimes very special measures are required. So, for example, in some cases we can arrange for a rare and expensive item to be crated in a bespoke wooden container ready for shipment.

Will these items always be insured?

Yes but there is always the need to discuss your insurance requirements.

In the cases of items of exceptional antique (or other) value, special insurance arrangements may be required.  We’ll be happy to discuss all that with you at the time we’re preparing your quotation.

What happens if my furniture is damaged?

If we’re in charge of the removal, this would be exceptionally unlikely but of course not totally impossible. That’s why having appropriate insurance in place is key.

Assuming the damage didn’t involve total destruction if your item is made of wood, a skilled craftsperson should be able to make good any damage to the extent that it was virtually or totally invisible. The same would be true in most cases with most metal items.

Glass is, of course, different – and that takes us back to the need for insurance.

Can you always keep furniture in one piece for removal?

Almost always ‘yes’ but there may be some highly unusual exceptions.

For example, in the 19th and early 20th centuries, those that could afford it sometimes had very high-quality large pieces made or assembled ‘on site’ for them by carpenters and joiners etc. Today, these pieces can be far too large to move through doors and windows etc.

In such situations, either major work may be required for example to remove windows to allow the removal or the item may need to be disassembled by a master craftsperson.

When such events occur, we can arrange for a specialist to come in to assist.