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FAQs – Removal Times and Punctuality

FAQs – Removal Times and Punctuality

Here is another in our series of periodic FAQs received from our clients and our responses.

Can you guarantee you will be on time in terms of your removal schedule estimations?

We can absolutely and unconditionally guarantee that we will do everything humanly possible to ensure that our timings are exactly as we initially estimated.

When we make a commitment to our clients, it is something we take very seriously and we do not tolerate performance failures in our business or removals teams.

However, there are certain circumstances that are not under our control.

That might include things such as accidents which lead to traffic jams or road closures due to security incidents etc.  What we promise is to keep you fully informed in any such situations where delays may arise that are beyond our control.

How long does it take you to remove all the goods from a typical house?

It’s almost impossible to say because so much depends on the day as to whether or not everything is packed and ready to go and simply needs lifting out.  If that’s the case, it may take no more than a couple of hours or so for a moderately sized property.

Of course, if you have a large property with lots of possessions and these all need to be carefully packed, it may sometimes take the best part of a day to complete the work.

Can you do a same-day delivery to our new house?

Possibly but again this depends upon a significant number of variables which we cannot know in advance.

For example, if it is going to take the best part of the day to pack and load the items coming out of a very large house, then there may not be any practical way of doing the delivery on the same day. The distance between collection and delivery will also be a significant factor there of course.

In some cases, if the property is small and the destination nearby, it may be perfectly possible to collect and deliver on the same day.

If my household goods are stored overnight, where will they be and will they be safe?

In most cases, if we are unable to do a same-day delivery, we will endeavour to keep your items on the vehicle that collected them.

The loaded vehicle will be kept in a completely secure and supervised location.  You can be certain that your items will be safe and being treated with total respect.

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