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Furniture Removals – Auckland FAQs

Furniture Removals – Auckland FAQs

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions on the subject of furniture removals.

Note that if you are looking for furniture removals, Auckland is well served by Total Care Removals.

How should I pack my furniture?

If it is antique, expensive or of highly emotional value – don’t even try.

Instead, let us arrange a highly professional specialist packing service for you.

If your furniture is more utilitarian and you are determined to do it yourself, make sure that all items are fully padded and packed against the risks of sharp edges scratching or cutting them. If the item is stainable, it should be fully protected by some form of impermeable material – just in case something gets spilled onto it during packing or transit.

Will removal companies accept any type of furniture?

Broadly speaking yes but there may be one or two caveats to add.

Some companies may have insurance that does not permit them to carry antique items or those which are above a specified maximum value. In those cases you will either need to find a removals company that can transport them or think about taking out your own specialist additional insurance cover.

It’s also worth noting that some items of furniture may be so large, so heavy or so fragile, as to require very specialist treatment. It’s very difficult to generalise here other than to say your requirements should be fully and professionally assessed in advance by your specialist removals provider.

Can I transport specialist furniture care and cleaning materials?

Yes but only if they are not hazardous.

Some such materials may be highly flammable. In such cases, most professional removals organisations will be forced to exclude them.

What about glass furniture?

Modern glass furniture may typically be made from safety glass and as such, your transporter may have no particular problem in carrying it providing it is adequately wrapped. They may or may not have certain exclusion issues though relating to insurance cover.

In the case of vintage glass furniture, where safety glass was not used, some removals companies may have a health and safety issue. This would need to be discussed on a case by case basis.

For some furniture removals Auckland or elsewhere, glass can be an issue and it is always worth highlighting in advance what you wish to transport and getting your transporter’s confirmation.