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How to Check Movers and Packers Are Genuine or Not

How to Check Movers and Packers Are Genuine or Not

How to check movers and packers are authentic? Here are some methods to look for.

How to Check Movers and Packers

Make sure to avoid using cash payment, as these movers and packers can be fraudulent. Instead of paying cash, you can choose to pay through digital methods, such as cheque, or account transfer. Digital payment is best as it leaves solid proof that the payment was received. Cash payment can leave you with no evidence of the payment.

Fake movers

A fake moving company may pose as a legitimate company, but that does not mean it is not real. The first thing to check when hiring a mover is their credentials. It’s a good idea to visit their office and see if they use any of the recommended packing materials. You can also see their vehicles. If they use company-owned trucks, check if they have their logo and a legitimate license. A legitimate company will not hesitate to provide you with references.

In addition, fake companies may have fabricated reviews. Dishonest moving companies might have employees who use their company name to write negative reviews about their competitors. Beware of the language used in their reviews. These reviews are usually intended to demean competitors. Look for slanderous language and offensive language. If you find any, report them immediately. If they refuse to respond to your calls or deliver your goods, they are likely fake.

Fake packers

The first and foremost thing to consider before hiring a movers and packers service is their credentials. A reputed company will not ask for a large advance payment. A genuine company would not demand more than 50% advance payment. Make sure to ask for payment receipts from each company you are considering hiring. Then, ask for references and check their track record. Fraudulent companies lure people with their eye-catching websites and tempting offers. Some of them use the tag of a reputed moving company to lure their customers.

When selecting a moving company, it is very important to ask for a written contract. You should never sign a blank contract if it doesn’t exist. In addition, a legitimate moving company will answer the phone with a company name and address. A fake one will run away with your goods and charge you for services they don’t offer. The real movers and packers will ensure that your belongings are safely relocated.

Fake movers’ fraud

It is important to know how to spot a scam movers and packers, as they can lead you to a nightmare. Fraudulent companies usually demand large advance payments, which they then misuse to rob you. Genuine service providers do not ask for more than half of the total bill. This rule applies to both online and offline companies. In addition, check the background of the company you are considering.

Make sure to check their profile and feedback. If the company claims to be a leading moving company in your area, it is most likely that it has been operating for years. Regardless of whether you are looking for an affordable moving company or a luxurious move, it is always better to check out a company before hiring them. Ensure that the company is genuine by reading the company’s website, customer reviews, and feedback.

Getting scammed by fake movers

Beware of the fake movers and packers who demand advance payments in advance. Fraudulent service providers demand a large amount in advance and then disappear at the time of relocation. To avoid getting scammed, be vigilant. The following tips will help you avoid getting scammed:

Look for signs of disrepair. Typical scams use low quotes and generic business names. Some fraudulent movers use moving association logos or trust seals to attract potential customers. Don’t trust any companies that offer low quotes without any documentation. Read their websites to verify their credentials and experience. If you find any red flags, you can report them. This way, you’ll be protected in case a fraudulent company does contact you.

Identifying a fake mover

How to identify fake movers and packers? One of the first things to look out for is the amount of advance payment demanded. Fraudulent companies always try to get you to pay a large sum of money before they actually move your stuff. The rule of thumb is to never pay more than 50% of the total bill. If you are not sure, don’t pay anything in advance.

A legitimate moving company will answer your call with its name and will even have a physical address. A scammer, on the other hand, won’t have a physical address. The scammer’s only way to register their business is through the internet. In such cases, you can’t act if your possessions are damaged or if the company doesn’t have a physical address.