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How to Keep things Confidential when Moving Office

How to Keep things Confidential when Moving Office

As we are very keen to constantly point out, all of our people at Total Care Removals have been subject to thorough investigation and formal vetting procedures as part of their recruitment.

What that means is that they are totally trustworthy as commercial movers.

However, we are pragmatic enough to realise that in some commercial moves there may be highly confidential information on the premises that our customers will want to keep strictly to themselves. So, here are a few recommendations as to how you can give yourself total reassurance:

• Purchase or rent lockable boxes into which you can place all of your most confidential paperwork. Only you will have the key.

• Any removable magnetic media can also be similarly locked away in self-contained boxes. In passing, be careful and keep these away from electromagnetic fields, as they can be damaging to the stored data.

• You can also fully encrypt all of the data on your hard disks to such an extent that even if someone stole the PC’s hard disk, it will be unreadable. Contact an IT specialist for further advice on this subject.

• Make sure that you have dealt with any highly confidential material that may be lying around on desks before the day of the move itself. That should ensure that nothing can be seen accidentally by removers moving around your office as they legitimately go about their business.

• Where humanly possible to do so, it is always a good idea to suspend your business operations during the day of the move. The will avoid the need for interrupting things like packing and removals as you take highly confidential phone calls.

We’d be only too happy to discuss further with you what steps you can take in order to keep your confidential information entirely invisible to our personnel or anyone else while you’re moving.

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