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How to Safely Pack Your own Crockery

How to Safely Pack Your own Crockery

At Total Care Removals, we normally advise that you seriously consider professional packing services.

From our point of view, there is no vested interest in that recommendation. It is simply based upon our many years of furniture removals experience when we have occasionally seen just how badly some people have packed their own possessions ready for removal.

However, if you do decide to go ahead and do your packing, one generic category of household item that often causes a challenge is crockery. It’s not usually particularly heavy or large but avoiding chips and breakages can be difficult.

So, here are a few very basic ideas about how you should go about putting your crockery into boxes.

1. Wrap each individual piece separately and reasonably. Don’t stint on the packing you use here.

2. Don’t pack lidded items with the lids still in place. Remove all lids and covers, wrap them separately and then place them back in their container upside-down with the two then wrapped together firmly.

3. Don’t overload the carton they are being put into. Some types of crockery in quantities can be surprisingly heavy, so make sure that the bottom of the box is securely sealed and fastened.

4. Be particularly careful with items that have handles and spouts. These are so easily knocked off it’s untrue. Where possible, double-box these items and use plenty of bubble-wrap.

5. Don’t place fragile items directly adjacent to the walls of a carton. Make sure there is plenty of packing materials between them and the wall of the container they are in.

Above all, don’t rush your packing. Avoid leaving it to the last moment and instead start early and make sure you do it carefully. A little bit of extra care should help you avoid unloading lots of broken shards upon arrival at your new home!