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How to Save Money on Removals Insurance

The first question you might legitimately ask is why you might need to make special insurance arrangements for your goods moving from one home to another.

It’s a little difficult to generalise but some household insurance cover won’t protect your items if they are on a removals van and in transit to another destination – even if that’s your new home.

So, you may need to decide either to not bother with cover or perhaps more sensibly, to make sure that you do.

Insurance costs money and typically you will be looking to avoid paying more than you need to. So, here are a few ideas on ways you can ensure your precious items continue to be covered by an insurance policy but without you needing to take out a second mortgage to do so!

Try not to jump at the first quotation you see. The prices for additional insurance can vary hugely and it really is worth making the effort to get a number of quotations before making your final decision.