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How’s the Economy Doing?

How’s the Economy Doing?

It’s amazing how the economic disasters of 2007 and 2008 have now made talking about the economy fashionable just about everywhere in the world!

Here at Total Care Removals, we often exchange observations and economic points with our customers and of course, between ourselves.

So, what’s the consensus?

Well, some pretty clever guys in the OECD seem to be quite happy with New Zealand’s economy at the moment. In terms of all the positive indicators, we appear to be above the average and that’s great.

The OECD report appears to attribute a lot of this to the earthquake and the associated rebuilding and construction but there are a number of other very impressive factors that all Kiwis can take pride in. Basically it looks as though in most domains we’re doing very well, even if it’s not yet time for a lap of honour.

Of course, whatever the economists tell each other when they sit around their exclusive dining tables in some of the world’s most exotic locations comparing notes, for many ordinary New Zealanders, financial times continue to be tight. True, the benefits of economic prosperity can take time to filter down to us mere mortals but in the interim, we continue to need to keep an eye on our purse strings.

So, in terms of commercial moving services and house relocation services, we recognise that we still need to make sure that we are delivering not only exemplary service but also a very cost-effective one too.

Elsewhere in our blog you’ll see things like our top tips relating to how to try and keep your costs of removal down. So, we’re doing everything humanly possible we can to help while we wait for those hopefully good economic indicators to result in more spending power in the pockets of most of us.

We think we would all agree that it can’t come a moment too soon!