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Industrial Moving

We probably don’t need to tell you that industrial removals are usually in a class all of their own.

Sometimes they’re relatively straightforward, perhaps involving only relatively light boxes and cartons. At other times though, they’re rather more challenging.

Industrial moving


If you’re moving very heavy or outsize machinery, you may require special transporters such as low-loaders, flatbeds or special multi-axle trailers.

Even if that’s not required, you may still need specialised lifting equipment to help load heavier items onto our vehicle. It might also be necessary to supply special chains in order to secure the machinery and plant once loaded.

Of course, you may also need special equipment to help unload it at your final destination.

Whatever the nature of your requirements in this area, Total Care Removals can assess it and then provide what’s needed.

Heavier Total Weights

Sometimes industrial moving may consist of relatively manageable individual items but which, when taken together, constitute a formidable load in total weight or volume terms.

The cubic capacity of a vehicle is constrained by its dimensions, even if using a soft-top gives a little more flexibility. The maximum weight of a vehicle carrying goods by road is also constrained by not just the vehicle’s maximum load capabilities but also the law.

Don’t worry about getting to grips with all these complications – that’s our area of expertise and we’ll take care of it for you.

Dirty Goods

It’s a fact of life that, even in the 21st century, some industrial environments can’t really be described as being ‘clean’.

Machines can be covered in oil, dirt and grime. A full cleaning prior to transport isn’t always practical.

Once again, we can take care of that for you through a variety of techniques. The only thing we will ask is that any engines or machines are fully drained of fuel and oil prior to transport.

Outsize Loads

If your items exceed a certain maximum length, width or height, then we may need to make arrangements for special convoy provisions.

Yet again, we can take care of that if required.

Hazardous Goods

Some items cannot be transported legally by road unless exceptional measures are undertaken, perhaps including police escorts and pre-defined and approved routes.

That’s relatively rare though.

In most cases, acceptably hazardous goods can be transported providing certain safety steps are taken in line with common sense and legal requirements.
Space doesn’t really permit a discussion of the options here so please contact us for a full discussion.

Airfreight / Sea Freight

It may be the case that you’re relocating part of your business overseas.
If so, we can help again by arranging the uplift of your industrial materials and their subsequent shipment by air or sea to your final destination.


Sometimes packing and loading industrial equipment can be very labour intensive.

It’s worth remembering that your insurance and employment law may restrict just how much you can ask of your employees in that respect.

If so, no problem! At Total Care Removals we can supply experienced packing and loading/unloading labour. Don’t hesitate to ask us for further information.