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Infestation Treatments

Infestation Treatments

We hope we can promise you that you won’t have to worry about treating Total Care Removals’ personnel for infestation before letting them into your house!

More seriously, the issue here relates, typically, to properties you’re about to move into. It’s rare but it does happen.

The ‘it’ referred to here is when you’ve purchased a new home and prior to moving in, have decided to have it treated for, say, boring insect infestation. In those circumstances, the treating company may well advise that the property should not be entered into until a specified date.  That gives the products they’ve used time to dissipate and become largely inert in terms of human inhalation and skin contact.

So, in a household removal situation, if you’re having such treatment then you need to be sure that it will be conducted in sufficient time for the ‘danger period’ to have passed prior to your removal day itself. We have heard of cases where removals vehicles have arrived at a property and been unable to enter and unload due to hazardous chemicals signs inside warning that it would not be safe to do so for several more days.

Fumigation companies typically use specialist skin protection gear and respirators to avoid contact with the chemicals they use.  These are highly toxic products that could be very dangerous to the people them using unless appropriate precautions are taken. As you might imagine, even though we like to plan ahead for unforeseen events, this type of kit typically isn’t carried on our vehicles!

It’s not exactly a common occurrence but it’s worth keeping it in mind and if you are considering such work, make sure that your dates dovetail into an integrated plan.

If you have any concerns about planning and whether or not such work will have been safely completed in advance, your fumigation services provider will be able to offer advice.  We can also speak to them for you if you wish.