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Top Tips on Making an Insurance Claim under Home Removals Cover

Top Tips on Making an Insurance Claim under Home Removals Cover

If you’re doing your own removal and have taken out appropriate insurance, be aware of a few realities of life with respect to making a claim if you break anything.

Here are our top tips relating to DIY furniture removals insurance claims.

  1. Lodge your claim quickly – preferably initially by phone. Insurance companies can become suspicious about lengthy delays between a removal and receipt of a claim. Some policies may specify a maximum number of days for this.
  1. Take photos and send them with your claim if the insurer requests.
  1. Don’t throw anything away as ‘broken – to the tip’ until your claim has been dealt with.
  1. Try to have your original purchase receipts to hand. Remember, what you think your item is worth and what the insurer thinks it’s worth might be two VERY different things! You may need to support your estimation with hard evidence if possible.
  1. Be clear that your policy provides cover for accidental damage that is self-inflicted. For example, if your van is involved in a collision and an item is damaged, that is one scenario.  If that item is damaged because you dropped it while unpacking, that might be another and not covered.
  1. Keep copies of all your communications with your insurers and use conventional mail. Don’t assume that something you or they said on the phone will be automatically formally recorded. If you’ve been told something important by them or vice-versa, make sure YOU confirm it in writing via recorded mail.  It’s easy to deny something was said or received (e.g. an email) but people can’t do that if somebody has a letter sent to them and a recorded delivery receipt showing that it was delivered to them.

A few basic tips but overall here’s another one – why don’t you ask us to do everything for you instead?