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Insurance Liabilities with Removers

Insurance Liabilities with Removers

We pride ourselves on minimising formalities and bureaucracy with removals but certain aspects of insurance are important and need to be kept in mind by all parties.

One area that can be a little blurred is that of your liability versus that of your furniture removals company.

At Total Care Removals we are not claiming to be qualified to give professional legal advice and if you have any doubts you should check with your own insurance provider. Even so, this is our understanding of the position.

1. If you have any sort of professional service provider on your property then they should have various forms of employee liability insurance cover in place. What that means is that if somebody is injured whilst carrying out their legitimate duties, any insurance issues would normally dealt with by the removals company concerned.

2. However, the position may vary in circumstances where they were injured as a result of your failure (or that of your landlord) to maintain the property and grounds in a safe condition. In those circumstances, should due legal process find against you or your landlord, you (or they) may find yourself liable for the costs of any injuries sustained by the professional concerned.

Let’s consider two hypothetical examples.

In the first, one of your removals people falls off the back of their vehicle while carrying your boxes and injures themselves. The liabilities arising out of that would typically be with your removers.

In a situation where that same person was injured due to a rotten floorboard collapsing under them on your property as they carried the boxes, it might be your insurance (or your landlord’s) that would need to be looked to in terms of covering the claim.

Of course, such events are exceedingly rare but they do happen. That’s why it might be important to make sure that your insurance cover remains in place for your property up to and including the time that you finally vacate it.