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Inter-Region Moving

People sometimes worry when they’re moving between New Zealand’s regions.

That’s because they assume the longer distances that might be involved will inevitably create more risk of troubles arising for the removal activity.

Our Long-haul Experience

In fact, at Total Care Removals we’re very well versed in moving between regions and distance means nothing to us in terms of the way we approach a job.

Wherever you’re starting from and wherever you’re going, you’ll get the same 100% care service from us.

Of course, there are certain differences on long-term removals. For example, if all other things are roughly equal, they’re likely to cost more than a relatively local move due to higher fuel, labour and perhaps overnight storage costs etc.

They also demand a little more complex logistical planning than local moves. An example of that might include being sure that journey and arrival times at a more distant delivery point are well planned to avoid arriving too late for unloading.

However, this is all routine for us and we take such matters in our stride though we’re never complacent either.

The Role of Packing and Storage

We always pack and load our vehicles with the utmost of care.

However, whilst we take the same care with local moves as longer-distance ones, it’s a fact of life that the further your items are transported then the more important impeccable packing becomes. That’s because of the fact that the longer they’re on a vehicle and moving, the more they are likely to settle and/or move.

So, while we’re always inclined to advise professional packing, as opposed to DIY approaches, we’re even keener to do so if you’re considering longer-haul removals.

Let us talk you through some of the options here – they may be far more cost-effective than you’d imagine. Saving a few dollars on packing charges won’t seem like such a good idea if you experience problems as a result.

Our Network

If you’ve just arrived at your new home or office location after a long-distance inter-region move, the chances are you’re going to be tired and jaded.

What you probably won’t feel much like is going through all the hassle of cleaning and unpacking yourself.

If that’s something that strikes you as being a good description as to how you see things, then we can help.

We have an extensive network over both islands and we can provide people to help you with that wherever your final destination in New Zealand is.

We can also help with other related activities as part of ‘moving in’. That might include cleaning and gardening if appropriate.

It goes without saying that we can provide the same services for the property you’re leaving behind.

It’s also not unusual for longer-distance removals to involve some short to medium term storage requirements.  We can provide those at either end of the move and you can be sure your storage facility will be clean, weather-proof and fully secure.

This is all part of our TOTAL CARE concept. Why not find out more?