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It’s a Buoyant Housing Market – So Book Early!

2014 was another extremely buoyant and positive the year for the New Zealand housing market.

The economy is growing, house prices are doing well and for the most part that’s really good news.  Of course, it does mean that if you are trying to get onto the property ladder for the first time then things can be tricky financially speaking.

Although things have eased off slightly in the early part of 2015 so far, the housing market in most places is still bubbling and that means that demand for our household removals services continues to be high.

We’re not going to pretend that this anything other than good news for us but it also might suggest that if you have a potential move on the radar, you might do well to start pencilling in a few dates sooner rather than later. Don’t worry, initially that doesn’t have to be anything that commits you one way or another but it does mean that we can start to do some preliminary planning with you around some potential dates and times which can be firmed up as and when you know exactly what’s happening.

That might also influence your planning in other areas too, such as trying to book builders or electricians if you are planning to have any work done before you move in. Getting hold of good tradespeople can sometimes be difficult at the best of times but particularly when there is an energetic and vibrant house market underway.

So, give us a call sooner rather than later and let’s get that planning started!