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Make Your House Move as Green as Possible

Make Your House Move as Green as Possible

Often the house moving process involves a lot of excess goods being thrown away, over expenditure on not environmental friendly packing materials and goods, and loads of rubbish after all the unpacking. In the aftermath of the earthquakes, the rate of house moves – whether short or long term – has increased. Now, environmentally aware homeowners now need to think of ways in which they can better plan their house moves using local relocation services in Christchurch.

Before hiring a professional mover to make the moving process faster and more efficient, you should plan and map out the packing of goods beforehand. Either colour code the furniture and belongings by the order in which they should be set up, or the rooms to which they will belong in the new room.

Once you are sure which items you want to bring along to the new home, and which ones to dispose of, get a dedicated household relocation consultant from one of the local relocation services in Christchurch to give a free quote and plan out the logistics of moving day.

By better estimating how much space you will need, not only do you save costs by hiring smaller trucks and fewer movers, but also save fuel costs and carbon footprint by ensuring all your belongings can be moved across the state or country in one single trip. Compact packing also ensures fewer chances of your good being jolted around the trucks and damaged in transit.

Instead of buying packing boxes and materials beforehand, consult with your movers as to how best to pack goods and see if they provide packing boxes too. This decreases moving, packing and unpacking time, and if your mover is willing to buy back unused boxes from you, you have also just made your house move a tiny bit more eco-friendly.

If for whatever reason you are unable to move all your belongings from house to house in one day, enquire if your mover offers storage facilities closer to your new home. That way, you can lower your carbon footprint to and from the warehouse and your new house after the move.

Most house owners take advantage of a relocation to discard old furniture and equipment, to upgrade to better gadgets in the new home while saving moving costs by leaving bulky items behind. You can go one step further and hire movers that also offer complimentary auction reselling services for your old furniture and equipment.In addition, enquire if your movers can also send goods to recycling centres or donation homes so your household appliances have a longer lifespan. By adhering to these small steps, you can save both costs and the environment whilst moving house.