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Moving and Storage Companies Handling Antiques

Moving and Storage Companies Handling Antiques

If you are planning to move or store antique items, there may be a few special considerations worth keeping in mind.

At the outset, remember that different people have different interpretations of what exactly an antique is. In the antiques business itself, typically any item over 100 years old is officially described as being ‘antique’. Anything between 25 and 100 years is normally labelled as being ‘vintage’.

If this sounds a petty distinction, it may in fact have some relevance for you if you have items you regard or do not regard as being antique. That’s because some insurance companies and some moving and storage companies, may apply certain conditions and limitations to antique items.

So, make sure you understand how they define an antique as opposed to how you might.

Then there is the issue of value.

This is extremely complicated in terms of generalisations but suffice it to say some vintage or antique items can have a monetary value out of all proportion to their apparent worth. Even items that have little intrinsic value can be staggeringly expensive if they are rare or made by somebody famous.

As a result some moving and storage companies may have limitations relating to the value of any individual item they can move and store on your behalf whilst still being covered by their own standard insurance. If you have an individual item that exceeds that maximum, they may be able to arrange additional special insurance for you or advise you to do so for yourself.

It’s also worth being aware of the fact that some items, by their very nature, may be excluded from certain forms of standard remover’s insurance. Examples might include items made of precious metals, precious stones or some types of jewellery – even if their individual values are not that high in the scheme of things.

If you plan to pack and move items that are considered to be precious or highly valuable, it’s worth having a discussion at the earliest possible stage with your selected provider of removals services.

Professional moving and storage companies should be able to offer you rapid advice and guidance in order to make sure that your interests are well protected.