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Moving Insurance

Many people regard moving insurance as something they don’t need and a waste of money – right up until the moment an entirely unexpected problem arises.

What is insurance?

Total Care Removals promises you trauma-free services, so why do we also recommend that you look seriously at moving insurance?

There are in fact, many sets of circumstances where you may need the help of insurance due to circumstances that neither we nor you can control.

Here are just a few examples:

In all these situations and many others like them, you may be facing considerable additional cost and might wish you had specialist moving insurance to help.

moving insurance

Won’t standard business insurance cover me?

You will need to consult your standard business insurance to say for sure but very possibly not.

The reason being is that much business insurance covers things such as usual business liabilities.  Removals may be seen to be entirely different and not covered by your standard policy.

For example, your standard employee liability cover might explicitly exclude circumstances where you’re asking them to perform manual labour that’s not part of their normal job description.

So, if you’ve (e.g.) asked your cleaner to help in loading some boxes as part of your removals then any injury he or she suffers might not be covered by your standard employee policy.

Quite often, your standard cover is also limited to ‘normal business premises’.  If you drop a very expensive item on the street while loading it, your standard policy may decline your request for help.  It’s also almost certain to not cover things like consequential financial damages arising from third parties (e.g. those fitters in the above example) letting you down.

Will moving insurance cover everything?

No insurance policy of any sort will ever unconditionally guarantee to cover every conceivable situation that might arise.

All contain clauses and exclusions – the policy needs to be read carefully to assess whether or not it’s suitable for your needs.

What we at Total Care Removals can do is to help you put into place good comprehensive insurance that will hugely reduce the risks of you needing to find a lot of extra money simply because your luck didn’t hold out!