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Need General Removals Advice? Why not Just Ask Us!

Need General Removals Advice? Why not Just Ask Us!

Not too long ago, one of our customers mentioned to us on the actual day of their removal that they had found the packing of their household items to be tedious and stressful.

In the discussion that followed, they went on to say it would be a great commercial idea for someone to set up a professional packing company operation!

When we pointed out that we are capable of providing exactly such a service, the customer seemed genuinely surprised and said words to the effect of “I didn’t ask you because I assumed you just did the vehicles bit”!

Okay, it’s clear that in one respect we had perhaps failed to communicate to our customer the very wide range of services provided by Total Care Removals. True, we are a great removals company in terms of our uplift and delivery services but we offer a wide range of other facilities in order to make your move just that bit smoother. One of those is, of course, packing services.

There is though a general message arising out of this that we would like to share with all of our blog followers.

We are a company that prides itself on approachability and flexibility. We’re also a family concern and natural communicators.

We don’t only get involved in offering guidance and assistance on jobs we have in hand but are also more than happy to offer general information on any aspect of your removal that may be troubling you – even if we don’t have your business!

So, it doesn’t matter what your concern is, whether it is packing, cleaning, gardening or issues as diverse as inventory-taking and insurance, if you’re worried or just puzzled then pick up the phone to us.

The chances are we will have seen it all before and in those rare occurrences were we don’t know the answer, we will certainly know how to find it for you.

Just give us a call – we’re waiting to help.