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New Office Premises Checklist

New Office Premises Checklist

Moving your office equipment into new premises is something that we’re expert at – we don’t mind blowing our own trumpet on that one!

Yet there are a few things that can catch you out in your new offices, even if your furniture and other equipment have arrived exactly as planned.

So, here’s a quick checklist for office removals. We hope you’ll find it useful.

  1. Make sure all utility providers (phones, Internet Services Providers, power, gas etc.) have been notified and are ready to go from zero hour on day-1.
  2. Re-route all mail from your old address to the new one for a specified period. You can be absolutely sure that there will be somebody, somewhere, who didn’t get the message you’re moving or who forgot to update their systems.
  3. Be clear that your new premises meet all fire and other employee safety regulations. That’s usually done as part of the purchase or leasing legal formalities but double-check.
  4. Depending upon the precise nature of your business, you may need specific permissions to conduct it in your new premises based upon local zoning laws and regulations. Check that thoroughly or make sure your lawyer does before taking the property on, unless you want to find yourself closed-down shortly after starting-up.
  5. If your office is part of a larger building, make sure you have agreed your date and time of entry with the building’s administrators. It’s not unknown for people to arrive with their office items at the weekend, only to find that the building is locked-up and can’t be accessed.
  6. An old one of ours that we won’t apologise for raising again, please ensure that we will be able to park our vehicle somewhere near your premises to offload. This can sometimes be a headache and a serious problem if no space is available.

We look forward to helping you to make your move a success!