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Office and Commercial Moving

For us, removals require total concentration and commitment, irrespective of whether they’re office or commercial.

Office Removals

One of the main characteristics of an office move is that the company concerned may have absolutely no scope for error whatsoever.

Any sort of problem might not just be an inconvenience but something that’s a potential showstopper for their business. That might cause irreparable harm.

This sort of move also demands certain specialist expertise on the part of the removals company.  That’s because sometimes some very fragile equipment might be being moved and that requires very specific knowledge of disconnection techniques plus associated specialised packing regimes.

It’s also sometimes the case that office equipment is very bulky and heavy – examples might include things like large-volume photocopiers/printers and server racks etc.

Typically, office removals also take place over weekends (Friday and Saturday) in order to provide the maximum amount of contingency time to cope with unforeseen glitches.

Another important point – don’t forget that your employee insurance and professional cover may also preclude you asking your employees to help with packing, lifting and loading of office equipment as part of a move.

It’s not an area for amateurs and at Total Care Removals we’ll be happy to share our track records and testimonials with you covering this domain.

office moving

Shops and other Commercial Properties

We also have extensive experience in this area.

Once again, it has its own challenges that demand the highest levels of professionalism.

For example, if you’re moving commercial goods then they may have a high intrinsic value and for that reason could be regarded as being highly attractive to thieves. Top security and confidentiality may be imperative – particularly if your goods are going into short-term storage.

Then there are again the issues associated with a fast and seamless removal and subsequent unloading/setup.  We can help with fittings and fixtures and we’ll guarantee no delays.  Starting up your business in a new location won’t get off to the best of starts if your first activity involves posting notices apologising to your customers for delays in opening!

Special Requirements

Although it’s rare in the case of offices, sometimes with commercial moves there is the question of hazardous cargoes. A good example might be the arts and crafts wholesaler who has lots of thinners and other inflammable or corrosive items to move to a new commercial location.

This type of move demands very specialist attention and consideration up-front. There might be insurance as well as health and safety legislation issues to deal with.

Total Care Removals understands the challenges associated with hazardous goods and can offer appropriate advice and guidance on all related matters including special container storage and so on.

Once again, note the comments above under office moves relating to asking your employees to effectively undertake manual removal labour on your behalf.  Don’t do it – it’s a potential minefield. Let us do it for you instead.

In fact, whatever your office or commercial moving requirements are, we’ll help you get through them with the minimum of fuss.