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Office Moves – Some Special Requirements

Office Moves – Some Special Requirements

One of our proudest boasts is that we can cope with anything that you need to have moved from ‘A’ to ‘B’ when relocating your offices.

In some instances though, we may need to bring with us (or help you to rent) some special equipment. That can arise in situations where you have something that is unusually heavy, large or awkward to shift as part of your office removal.

Here are just a few things where special attention may be required.

• Safes. Some of these are so heavy that they’re impossible to lift without mechanical lifting gear and wheeled transport. Note also that even if the safe is ‘yours’, it may require special dismantling if secured into the floors and walls. A tip here also relating to fixed safes and sales contracts – remember that if you’re selling office premises you own then a safe may be seen as a fixture and fitting and may need to be left in place, unless you have explicitly mentioned it in your sales contract.

• Printing or other machines.  Although technology has hugely reduced the size of such devices in the last 20 years, some large-volume specialist printing machines are too heavy and big to move by hand and again, lifting equipment may be required.

• In some cases, machinery may not only be heavy but also too large to navigate stairs, doorways and lifts. In the past, such items (for example large safes) were often craned into the building through windows or even openings in the roof.  If that’s how they came in and they can’t be dismantled, then that’s how they’ll need to go out again!
That’s why we’ll always strongly recommend you allow us to perform a full site survey of your office removal in advance.  We can move anything including items such as the examples mentioned above – but only if we know they’re there and have planned accordingly!