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Office Removals – Should You Have an Emergency Standby Site?

Office Removals – Should You Have an Emergency Standby Site?

We have touched on this one in previous blogs but our brief comments generated such interest and so many questions that we thought we should say a few more words on the subject.

As professional commercial and office movers, we know everything that is required to transport equipment quickly and safely from one location to another. We don’t make mistakes and we don’t damage items in transit. It’s as simple as that!

However, there are still things that can go wrong with a commercial relocation. Those things may be beyond your control and ours.
They might include things such as:

• Arriving at your new premises to discover, in spite of all previous promises from your contractors to the contrary, that there are still problems and it is not ready for occupation.

• Unforeseen power supply problems.

• Leaking roofs.

• Etc.

Of course, all of these things should have been fully planned then checked in advance but in spite of all of that, what would happen if you encountered such a problem after you had left your old premises and before your new one could be put into operation?

To some extent you can rest easy because these things are extremely rare – but they do happen.

Some companies put into place an emergency contingency plan to deal with such a possibility, however unlikely it might be to occur. Typically that includes having available what is called a ‘hot standby’ site, which you can immediately move your personnel and equipment into at zero notice in order to be able to continue your business.

The site would usually be fully equipped with everything you need to enable you to plug your technology in, get your colleagues and phones in place and to start business as planned then carry on until your new premises were fully ready.

Yes, it is an additional cost but it just might mean that you will sleep a little more easily at night in the run up to your premises relocation.
Why not speak to us and if you would like more information on this sort of contingency planning?

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