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Other Moving Info

On our various website pages and particularly in our free guide,
you’ll find lots of checklists and helpful advice.

There are though a few things to keep in mind that are perhaps unlikely events but are worth thinking aboutin terms of ‘just in case’.

1. The weather

Moving in the rain isn’t fun but it could easily happen.
It might be sensible to think about having weatherproof clothing kept out and unpacked – just in case.
Our personnel will make sure they respect carpets and floors in muddy and damp conditions – just in case you were wondering!

2. Sickness

Try to have someone in your family (or a neighbour/friend) standing by.

Something as trivial as a tummy bug might lay you low on the big day and somebody might need to step in to help out at very short notice.

Moving Info

3. Stress

Stress really can’t be entirely avoided in spite of the best efforts of Total Care Removals.

That’s because you’ll probably self-inflict it – something that is perfectly normal.

However, stress can lead to tempers rising, often with other family members, on the day itself.  Be aware of it and try to stay calm, whilst letting Total Care Removals show you that it’s unnecessary.

4. Neighbours

They can be source of great help on your removal day or something that becomes a huge problem.

Be sure that if your removal is going to inconvenience them, even for a short period, that they’re fully briefed in advance and their ‘permission’ sought.

5. Acts of God

However much you plan and however well Total Care Removals performs, sometimes things can go wrong that are beyond anyone’s control.

Examples might include last-minute water leaks, power failures or lift breakdowns etc.

They’re all exceedingly rare but they can happen. So, make sure you have all of the obvious emergency support telephone numbers to hand for plumbers and electricians etc.