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Our Care

We take the subject of care very seriously.

In fact, if you look at our logo, it comprises what is essentially a house being carefully cradled in a hand.

That isn’t just a nice design touch created by a graphic artist. It actually encapsulates everything care means to us.

To explain a little further…..

We know that removals are sometimes a nerve-wracking experience.  If you have strangers entering your premises and packing then removing your items, you’re bound to be a little edgy.

Perhaps your items are commercially valuable. They may be domestic possessions that are valuable due to their quality or possibly antique nature. In other situations, they may have a great sentimental value and in that sense, are irreplaceable.

What you won’t want to see and we guarantee you won’t when using Total Care Removals, are your items being handled with anything less than total respect.

We unconditionally guarantee that all of your items will be carefully handled and expertly packed – assuming you entrust us with your packing as well as removal.  Where you have packed yourself, we’ll guarantee to move your furniture and boxes with the utmost respect.

In fact, if you’ve packed something yourself but it looks to us as if the packing is insufficient, then we’ll tell you.

That’s how seriously we take care in our company and yet another reason why you can trust Total Care Removals.