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Our Policies on Pets

Our Policies on Pets

This is an area that we’re fairly regularly asked about, so here’s a quick summary of our approach again.

As a broad principle, we don’t carry pets as part of a furniture removals job.  By that we mean we regret that we are unable to accept things such as cats, dogs, horses and goats (etc.) for transport in our vehicles. There are safety, responsibility, practicality and insurance reasons why that is the case.

It is true that there may be some exceptions. For example, it’s always worth discussing with us if you have certain types of fully enclosed pet, with examples perhaps being something like a hamster. Providing it’s adequately packed away then subject to each individual case being examined on its own merits, we may be able to assist, though the carriage will need to be strictly at your risk.

If you’re trying to transport larger animals such as some of those mentioned at the outset, it’s usually required and indeed desirable to make special arrangements. As a general rule, we’d advise transporting dogs and cats yourself in your own vehicle, having taken all appropriate precautions.

It is possible to arrange third party transport in some cases too. Horses can usually be transported in specialised horse boxes and there are similar trailers available for different forms of pet/livestock such as goats etc.  We can put you in touch with such specialists if it would help or in some cases may be able to make arrangements on your behalf.

As we’ve said previously, please keep in mind on removals day that dogs can be very territorial. Even the most placid dog can become very defensive and even aggressive when it sees strangers starting to dismantle and remove what it regards as the home territory of its pack.

It’s often a good idea to have a quick word with a vet in advance of removals day. They may be prepared to prescribe a mild sedative just to keep your dog a little calmer on the day itself. It might be a kindness to your pet and potentially your Total Care Removals team too!