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Our Team and Executive Leadership

Steve Taylor
Proud Co-Owner of Total Care Removals

I make no apologies here for breaking out of the standard format slightly because Dan and I want to make this a personal history message as well as a commitment.

Early days

At a young age I soon worked out School wasn’t for me (what was I thinking!) so my mother gave me an ultimatum “You can leave if you find a full time job”.

Coincidently, the same week we moved house.

The removal men turned up and began moving the furniture from the house out to the truck. Now I’m one of those people that can’t stand around with my hands in my pockets and watch other people sweat, so naturally I jumped in and helped.

One of the removal men made a comment that I was doing a great job and I should apply for a job – so I did!

The next week I had left school and began my career in the removals industry.

I spent the next years of my life learning everything there is to know about packing, stacking and wrapping. I quickly progressed though my heavy transport licences and fell into the role of a long distance line haul driver. As you can see, I started from the bottom and spent many years perfecting the doing of what we do (moving furniture) before getting into business for myself.


After ten years on the tools I decided I would like to give owning my own removal company a go. I started off with two trucks and quickly progressed to five, specialising in new furniture, kitchens and joinery making deliveries all over New Zealand.

On September 4th 2010 Christchurch was hit by a 7.1 major earthquake, this created a huge influx of work with families leaving Christchurch and later the repair process of over 80% of Christchurch homes.

To cope with the demand I decided to merge my business with a long-time friend / colleague Daniel Rushton who at the time had his own removal company.

With our combined experience, trucks and staff, we were now of a size to handle a large portion of the earthquake work. With careful planning and strategic positioning we have now grown Total Care Removals to a nationwide brand.

Together Dan and I have over 30 years’ experience in the industry. We often comment how our partnership was meant to be given how many times we crossed paths over the years. In truth there’s probably something in our shared experiences of working our way from the bottom driving trucks and loading people’s furniture ourselves, to owning our own multiple branch National Removal Company.


We have worked hard to build a strong tight team who look out for each other and our customers, it’s no surprise we are considered the fragile freight specialists of removal companies.

So there you have it!

Together with Dan, I’d like to welcome you to our website and I hope you will find the information available to you eye-opening in terms of what is really going on and what your expectations should be from the removal industry. So take your time to read though our site and I look forward to serving you soon.

My interests

Of course, I’m not just about work! My interests include:

  • Surfing
  • Cross fit
  • Camping and outdoors
  • Riding motor bikes on road and off-road
  • Bringing up and mentoring my three children
  • Property ventures
Julia Taylor

Her main responsibility is the management and smooth running of the Accounts Department.

With more than eight years of direct involvement in logistics and accounts within the transport industry, she’s a safe pair of hands!

Brings to the job:

Julia is proud of her role in the company. She brings integrity and honesty to everything she is involved in.

She’s a bit of a perfectionist and believes passionately that carefully organised processes, coupled with high levels of attention to detail in both planning and execution, are fundamental to success.

Life outside of work:

As the mother of three children, Julia values her time spent with them and husband Steve, with the beach being a favourite location. Keeping fit is also high on her agenda and she manages to fit in regular visits to the gym as well as taking part n cross fit and netball.

Brandon Lafaele
Operations Manager

Brandon’s main role here at Total Care is to be the fearless link between upper management, administration and the removal teams.

Maximising staff utilisation to best meet customer needs while adhering to company standards, Brandon is also responsible for tracking and measuring staff performance His role is considered by many to be the most demanding and high stress job in the transport industry.


His background includes many years of removals including local moves and line haul. He also spent time working overseas, where he learnt many of his skills.

Brings to the job:

Brandon is well-respected by all our removal staff and owner drivers. His pride in his role is clearly evident in the way he goes about his duties. His many skills include an ability to understand customer needs, how to motivate staff and how to pass on his pride in organisational values and mission to others.

Life outside of work:

As you may expect with someone in a high stress position, committed family man Brandon loves those sports like rugby league and touch rugby where he can let off a bit of steam – though the more gentle pursuits of pool and snooker also feature highly on his leisure time agenda. His early career on the road has also left him with a continued interest in trucks and driving.