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Packing for Longer-Term Storage

Packing for Longer-Term Storage

It’s not unusual for us to undertake removals that involve the storage of the belongings concerned for sometimes extended periods.

In those situations there are occasionally certain steps we will take, if we are doing the packing on your behalf that are a little different to what might normally be the case. If you are doing your own packing, you will need to take some of these things into consideration too.

So, here are a few quick things to consider if you find yourself in such a position.

• Make sure you use particularly sturdy boxes. Things can settle inside them over time.

• Do not pack anything that is perishable. Things such as plants and foodstuffs might be okay for short periods, assuming they are adequately packed, Yet over longer periods it may be highly advisable to exclude them.

• Construct a packing plan that puts the heavier items into stronger boxes then use those or indicate that they are to be used as a base when in storage. Similarly, put together a back-to-front packing plan with any items you think you may need to occasionally gain access to obviously stored at the front of the unit.

• Question whether large volume but low cost items need to be put into storage at all. They will consume space and may mean that you need to pay for a larger unit than would otherwise be necessary. Good examples here might be ancient paperwork, piles of old clothes you are unlikely to ever look at again and lots of spare bedclothes.

• Of course, nothing that is hazardous should ever be put into a storage consignment unless you have discussed the matter fully in advance with your furniture movers.

Don’t forget to discuss with us, at your earliest opportunity, any requirements you may have for such storage. We have huge experience in this area and would love to share it with you.