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Pets and Removals

Pets and Removals

One of the occasional problems encountered by professional removers is the family pet.

At Total Care Removals we are all pretty much animal lovers but there are occasionally a few challenges when doing a removal that involve animals being around.

Obviously, some pets aren’t really a problem.  In the case of things like the family goldfish and pet hamster, the owners will usually take extreme care to make sure that they are safely packed and ready for transport.

The main difficulties we have encountered at times relates to the slightly bigger domestic animals like cats and dogs.

In the case of dogs, it doesn’t matter how friendly your pooch is normally, the disruption of packing and removal can cause behavioural change. Dogs are pack animals and quite territorial, so having strangers apparently dismantling their lair around them is something that can be a real problem for some of them. It’s certainly best if they are off-site for the day or if that’s not possible, very securely tethered on a leash where they can’t decide to suddenly have a nip at the ankle of your hard-working removers as they pass by! In fact, you may find the odd moving specialist who will refuse to work if there are unleashed dogs around the property. Cats are a slightly different challenge of course.  There, in our experience, the biggest problem usually arises when that precious moggy has decided to go for an extended walkabout, meaning that the owners can’t depart from their property until it decides to return.

Other domestic animals rarely cause major problems during removals though it’s always better to make sure that the issues associated with moving them are dealt with by the day before at the latest.

Of course, remember that typically animals can’t be transported inside removals vehicles!