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Preparing your Children for Moving Home

Preparing your Children for Moving Home

Many child psychologists will tell you that it’s worth being aware of the potential impact of moving home on your children.

Generally speaking, children tend to value stability and familiarity in their early years.  That’s not to say they can’t cope with change because they can but even so, it’s worth bearing in mind that removals can be a potentially disconcerting experience for them.

A particular challenge can be the removals day itself. Some children may find it all hugely exciting and join in with gusto and enthusiasm whereas others may see it all very disturbing and upsetting as they see their familiar environment being dismantled around them.

Only you, as a parent or care provider, can really try and assess in advance what the effect of the day is likely to be on your own kids.  In some instances it might be advisable for your children to be looked after by another member of the family while the removal is taking place.  Not only may that spare them the odd trauma but it might also allow you to fully concentrate on getting everything organized and sorted out with your moving company, as opposed to constantly running around trying to keep an eye on the children.

In other cases though, you may find it to be preferable for your child to be more directly engaged and thereby feeling they are contributing to what’s happening rather than having it inflicted upon them.

Obviously the approach to the day will be significantly affected also by their age.  Very young children may be too young to care whereas there may be issues associated with slightly older children who resent leaving their home behind and potentially their friends too.

It’s not an easy thing for parents to handle with sensitivity but speaking to your children at the earliest stage to get them used to the idea is probably sensible.

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