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Preparing your Drive for Removals Day

Preparing your Drive for Removals Day

If your domestic property is one with a drive our van can get up, then that’s great.

To be frank, it makes our job typically easier than if we’re parked on street with all the complications of passing traffic and pedestrians to cope with (though as professional relocation specialists, we’re very used to doing so!).

To prepare for our arrival, there are a few things we’d normally recommend:

  1. Try to make sure that all obstructions are moved or cleared away. Please remember also that a van is likely to be considerably taller than your car.

Typically, that means things like flower pots, troughs and garden furniture. It might though more rarely include items such as ornamental free-standing trees, gazebos and statues.

Of course, we can help if need be and we’ll try and highlight any potential access issues if we visit beforehand.

  1. We’ve mentioned before in blogs that children, pets and manoeuvring trucks, don’t always sit happily together! So, it would normally be advisable if kids, dogs and cats could be kept safely away from the vehicle at all times.
  1. Low-hanging tree branches can be a potential problem in terms of van access.  In some cases, the branch might need to be removed to permit access. If you live in a conservation area with strict tree removal and pruning rules, you might need to consult with your local authority.

Sometimes, tree removal or pruning can also be controversial with neighbours. It’s something to keep in mind.

  1. It’s rare but once or twice we’ve encountered low-strung electrical cables that were an access problem across a drive. If you haveFinally, our vehicle will be heavy, depending upon what type we’re using. If your drive is paved, it’s important to be sure that it’s robust enough such, they might need to be removed too.
  1. to cope with a laden commercial vehicle. We can advise the potential weight ranges if you have any uncertainties in that respect.