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What Professional Christchurch Movers Don’t Want You to Do

What Professional Christchurch Movers Don’t Want You to Do

Professional Christchurch Movers: There are certain things you should not put in your boxes while professional moving company is handling them.

Professional Christchurch Movers Guide

Here are some tips on preparing your house for the big move and avoiding awkward situations with the packers. First, label the boxes with their destination in the new house. You should also label your boxes with the contents of your new house. Last but not least, ensure that you have enough packing materials for the entire process.

Avoiding items that professional packers won’t allow

Professional movers can handle almost everything, but there are some things they won’t touch. If the contents of your bathroom or garage are dangerous or flammable, you’ll have to pack and transport them yourself. Food items may not be moved, so make sure they’re not in a cupboard or refrigerator. Open containers of food can also attract pests. Make sure you know what the movers won’t take and what they won’t.

Items you may be able to move yourself are personal belongings, medicine, and clothing for the duration of the move. You’ll want to label these items as well. Other items to avoid while moving include electronics, chargers, and books. If the items are flammable, such as batteries, call the Environmental Protection Agency for guidance. Also, be sure to mark large items with labels. If you have important electronics or computers, consider backing them up on a portable hard drive or using cloud storage services.

Labelling boxes with destination in new house

One way to keep the moving process on schedule is by labelling boxes with the rooms they belong to. While you may be unable to write the names of rooms, you can still use large white labels to explicitly label the rooms of your new house. Make sure that you label each box with the room and its contents in bold, capital letters. You can even label furniture separately.

But before you hire professional Christchurch movers and packers, make sure that you label each box with the destination room of the new house. To label boxes with destination in the new house, you can make use of a floor plan. If you are not familiar with the house’s layout, you can print out a copy of the floor plan and write the appropriate acronyms on the boxes. Also, it can help to use a room sign that you have drawn up or placed on the wall of the new house.

This way, you can easily find which boxes should go where. While professional packers move your house, you can label them with their destinations, so that they can easily remember where they need to go.

Preparing for moving day

Before contacting professional Christchurch movers and packers, prepare an inventory list for the move. This can save you time on the moving day. Make sure all essential items are packed and labelled, including medications, toiletries, and clothing. It will be helpful to make an inventory list of items you don’t want to leave behind.

Also, make sure you have enough boxes and bubble wrap to cover breakable items. Before moving day, make sure all major appliances are unplugged and wrapped properly. Remove batteries from electronics and drain fuel from fuel-powered appliances. Also, make sure to clean out and wrap up any furniture and bedding.

Even the most diligent Christchurch movers and packers can miss some items. Donate any high-value items to charity if you can – these items are typically tax-deductible. Also, be sure to make an inventory of your possessions before you hire professional packers and movers. a portable hard drive or using cloud storage services.