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Professional Packing Services

Throughout our website you’ll find numerous pieces of individual advice relating to the importance of professional packing.

That’s because everything in our long experience has taught us that professional packing can make the difference between the safe arrival of your precious items and what might be termed some ‘disappointments’ when you open your cartons.

Saving Money

We understand, of course, that economic times are tough and many people are inclined to try and save a few dollars here and there.  One area that appears to be ripe for economies is that of professional packing.  When you see professionals doing it, it looks so easy that there is a strong temptation to think that a professional service can be done away with and you can simply do it yourself.

In our experience, this is often a mistake.

Professional Packing Services

If your item of furniture is one that you regard as being utilitarian and low-cost, then you might be inclined to take the chance. On the other hand, if it has a high emotional value to you, is simply valuable by its very nature or perhaps is an antique, you may wish to ask yourself whether it is something you should be gambling with.

Of course, if you do wish to do your own packing then we will do everything we can to support you in that.  We can supply top-quality packing materials such as wrap, polystyrene packing, blankets and strong boxes.

However, we would always strongly advise that you seriously consider the professional packing services that we can arrange on your behalf.  They may be far more affordable than you suspect and could save you not only lots of time but potentially lots of heartaches too.

We can even make sure that people are available at your destination to help you unpack as well.

We will guarantee that items we pack will never arrive broken at destination and in the extremely unlikely event that they do, we will replace them without quibble.

We think this gives some indication of our confidence in our packing services and the importance of this entire subject area.

Before deciding to dispense with professional packing services, do have a chat with us.  We will give you our entirely unbiased and objective advice because we are far more interested in the safety and security of your items than we are in selling you an additional service.