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Recent Frequently Asked Questions

Recent Frequently Asked Questions

Here is another short blog in our occasional series where we share the answers to some of our recent frequently asked questions.

Do you cover all destinations in New Zealand?

Yes and that includes removals between the north and south islands of course.

For furniture removals, Auckland and Christchurch (or indeed anywhere else in New Zealand) is all our home territory.

Can I ride in the cab of your removals vehicle?

Typically, no you can’t.

There may be seating limitations, as well as insurance restrictions, in terms of carrying passengers.

However, if transport on your removal day is a problem for you, speak to us and we might be able to offer help of one sort or another.

I have more to move than I thought – is that a problem?

No – at least if you’re able to notify us in advance of your removals day. As professional residential and officer movers, we have a large fleet and can typically cope with larger loads at short notice.

If you tell us on the day itself, it shouldn’t be a problem – providing your extra items aren’t too bulky or heavy. Our team will react and deal with the extra items.

Of course, if you suddenly find a significant and unexpected amount of extra furniture ‘on the day’ which exceeds our vehicle’s capacity as planned for the removal, well, we may have to re-schedule or use local storage companies that can help. That’s very rare though.

How exact can you be with your arrival times?

We’re proud to say that we’re normally spot-on.

However, there are some things not even we can control.

For moving companies, Christchurch, Auckland and other bigger towns and cities can throw up problems with traffic. There are also the risks associated with things such as extreme weather or traffic accidents disrupting plans.

What we will do though is guarantee to keep you fully informed at all times.