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Don’t Junk those Unwanted Possessions at Moving Time

Don’t Junk those Unwanted Possessions at Moving Time

Most of us accumulate junk over time.

Much if it is of the “this’ll come in handy one day” variety and consists of piles of old stuff in the loft or garage that you haven’t looked at for years. Some will be those pieces and items that are of sentimental value but which you have no room to display. Quite a bit is likely to be items that you can’t actually remember what they were from or what purpose they once served!

So, many folk, when considering house and furniture removals, will have a natural and almost traditional inclination to “clear out all the old rubbish”.

OK, fair enough but before doing so, make sure you think twice about your definition of rubbish. It might have more value than you think.

Perhaps you’re unlikely to have an original Picasso or Rembrandt in the loft but what’re called ‘architectural antiques’ are now big business. So, that rather sad-looking old iron radiator might be worth a fair bit and not just in scrap metal either.
Perhaps you have your grandparents old clock in the loft with a smashed casing – but its movement inside might be worth a fair bit depending upon its type and condition.

Even that old brass tap from a now long-gone beer barrel might be surprisingly valuable.

It isn’t even just antique items (usually defined as being over 100 years old) which can earn money. At the time of writing, collectors are going crazy for what’s called ‘20th Century Design” items and are paying serious money for iconic ‘Space Age’ TVs of the 1960s and 1970s.

Now it’s a fact that we’re not professional antique dealers or valuers and yes, sometimes junk really is junk! Even so, before you just dispose of your old items, get them looked at by someone who know what they’re talking about.
You just might have a few dollars lying around!