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Request In-Home Visit

At Total Care Removals, we believe in precision based upon knowledge – not guesses and assumptions.

That’s why we like to recommend, where practical, an in-house visit as part of our initial quotation process.  That involves one of our fully legally-vetted and trained staff visiting your home or office premises in order to assess exactly what’s required by way of dismantling, packing, loading, personnel and of course, vehicle size.

It’s also an ideal opportunity for us to offer some face-to-face advice on things you might wish to consider as part of your removal.

Why is this all a good idea?


Although we’re expert at assessing requirements over the ‘phone, there’s really no substitute sometimes for seeing things in advance – particularly if the requirement is a little out of the ordinary.  It’s also the case that sometimes householders or business owners can significantly over or underestimate what’s involved when they’re stating their removal needs.

We have a number of techniques we use to assess a removal’s requirements over the phone or via email but if you’d like the extra comfort of an in-house visit and you live in the Auckland or Christchurch areas, why not ask us to help?

Simply fill in the contact details below and we’ll contact you to make arrangements for the visit.  Please remember to provide both a phone number and email contact.  It would also help if you could offer a selection of dates and times you’d be available over the week or so ahead.

We look forward to seeing you!

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