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Retail Moving

Moving a retail operation poses a unique set of challenges that Total Care Removals is well equipped to help you with.

The Nature of Retail

We are removals rather than retail specialists, so there’s probably not much we can tell you about retail’s specific characteristics.

There are, however, a few points we can make from our extensive experience of helping retailers move around:

Retail Moving

Total Care’s Approach

Our first step will be to get to understand the nature of your retail outlet, its stock and equipment.

We’ll then perform a professional analysis to see what’s going to be required to move it safely and quickly to your new premises. That may, of course, heavily influence the nature of the vehicle we select.

Once you accept our quotation, we’ll work with our removals team, packers and you, to plan your move down to the very last detail.  It will be very clear just what we’re doing and when plus what you will be doing to make everything come together in a successful move. We’ll work with you to hammer out a final version that’s accepted by and clear to everyone involved.

If we need to help you by arranging specialist ancillary support services such as additional labour or shop fitters, then we’ll do that too.

Sometimes, what we guarantee we WON’T do is as important as what we say we will.

To that effect, we guarantee no surprises, shocks or last minute panic phone calls on or just before your removal day. We also promise you’ll NEVER hear from us any of the following:

Those things may sound amusing but they’re anything but that – particularly in the context of a retail move.

So, don’t gamble with your retail activities. If you’re planning a removal, do things right and let us help.