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Secure Storage Solutions

While we may all hope to get our removals conducted in one day from the point of departure to the point of arrival, in many instances it simply isn’t possible.

That might be due to the distances involved or perhaps slightly more commonly, because your final destination isn’t going to be ready to receive your items for some time.

In those situations or any others like them, we at Total Care Removals can offer you a range of secure storage solutions.

They may vary from simply offering you an unconditional guarantee that our vehicle and your items will be securely locked away overnight to unloading your goods and putting them into professional storage for you over a period of time as required by your individual circumstances.


We also guarantee that all of our secure storage locations are totally insulated from the elements, are spotlessly clean and most importantly, security access controlled. What you will never see in our approved storage locations are strangers wandering around with nobody having a clue who they are!

All of our storage areas are fully alarmed and have links to the appropriate police or other security organizations.

We can usually arrange storage somewhere that is geographically convenient for you and somewhere that will allow you to have 24 x 7 access to them. As you might expect though, if you do require access at weekends or out of hours, you may need to book this a little in advance rather than simply turning up and expecting to gain entry. Apart from anything else, this is part of security access control.

We can also provide you with in-depth advice and guidance in terms of how to place your belongings for longer-term storage. If we have packed them for you, you won’t have to worry about making sure that they are well protected in that respect. If you are doing your own packing, we will offer you some of our top tips.

Although you may consider it to be unlikely when you first place your possessions into storage, we regularly see owners suddenly realizing that they actually do need to access their possessions. What that means is that the sequence of their packing into a storage unit is important in the sense that items that are exceptionally unlikely to be required should be placed at the back with others at the front.

You can also be sure that our sites are entirely free of any form of pest infestation that may put some of your precious belongings at risk. They are regularly inspected for compliance with this and other basic environmental insulation requirements.

Inevitably some items may require more specialized storage with typical examples including plant and heavy machinery.  Yet again, Total Care Removals can deal with these requirements for you speedily and effectively.

So, don’t assume that your needs cannot be met because they are somehow too unusual or too complicated!

Instead, simply pick up the phone to Total Care Removals and let us make all the arrangements for your secure storage on your behalf.