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Storage, Christchurch and Risk

Storage, Christchurch and Risk

The tragic events of the earthquake meant there was a huge upsurge in storage requirements in many areas including, of course, Christchurch.

Now storage is a strange thing and it isn’t always something that should be taken too lightly.  For storage in Christchurch. it has a number of opportunities but it’s important to make sure that you are selecting the right one for your needs.

At Total Care Removals storage, Christchurch and the best in local associated facilities all go together but if you are looking elsewhere there are a number of things to take into consideration.

We make no apologies for stating that we have made some of these recommendations previously but unfortunately we do still see cases where they are ignored.

Security.  This should be a no-brainer but surprisingly not all storage sites necessarily offer state of the art security systems.  There may be little point in putting your precious possessions into storage if is comparatively easy for thieves and vandals to get in and help themselves.

Insurance.  Even the best designed and best-protected storage units can be unlucky and suffer natural disasters.  So, make sure that you are covered fully by an appropriate policy – whether it is the storage provider’s or one you yourself have taken out.

Watch out for do-it-on-the-cheap locations for storage. Christchurch is perfectly capable of throwing up some pretty bad weather from time to time and what you won’t want is to find that your possessions are sitting unprotected in a warehouse somewhere under a big hole in the roof.

Flexible access.  Many people assume they won’t need to access their goods once they are put into storage and then immediately discover shortly afterwards that they are completely wrong.  Make sure you know you can access your possessions quickly, easily and at a time that will suit you rather than the storage provider.Warranted staff.  We take exceptional care over who we employ and use, to make sure that they are entirely trustworthy individuals and companies.  Make certain you do likewise with your storage provider, unless you like the thought of undesirables having a good rummage around through your property.

However, we have one top recommendation if you are looking for a solution to your requirements for storage. Christchurch is one of our home locations – so why not speak to us first?