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Gives you a complete, all-in-one storage service

We provide purpose built storage and warehouse facilities in Christchurch. This gives you a broad range of storage solutions for both short and long-term requirements.

All facilities are licensed by the New Zealand Customs Department and therefore meet strict guidelines for access and security. All our facilities are alarmed and electronically monitored by external security specialists. Features of our storage service include…

Note… Goods can be retrieved at any time by providing suitable notice is given.

So let Total Care Removals provide you with the right solution for your storage needs.

To arrange a quotation call our office Free on 0800 TO MOVE.

Personal Property

If you need short term storage facilities for your personal property, then look no further.

Whether you’re renovating or on a short term rental till you’re able to move into your new home, you can have confidence all your belongings will be safe and secure.

Of course, longer term storage is available as well.

Business Property

When a commercial move to new business premises requires some items to be stored short-term or longer, Total Care Removals is here to help. You may have extra office furniture, computers, files and the like which can be stored in our onsite storage units.

We are very experienced in office relocations, call us for a no obligation quotation.

Earthquake Repairs… Need Storage?

A large percentage of Christchurch families are faced with the task of moving and storing their furniture and belongings while contractors repair their homes.

Total Care Removals deal with EQC and insurance companies every day so give us a call and let us handle everything… from a free quote to packing your home, furniture removals and storing your belongings. We can even organise onsite container storage if needed.

Storage Tips…

Planning Your Space

As a general rule place large, heavy items that you can stack lighter items on at the rear of the unit. Then work forwards and upwards with lighter, fragile items.

Place those items you may need to access often in the front of the unit. Depending on the goods you have stored, you may need to allow for walk ways.

Packing in professional storage cartons will make the stowing and unpacking easier and safe, saving you time and worry. Professional packing and the storage accessories will provide your goods with the preparation they need for storage and maintain their condition for the term of storage.

What Not To Store

Any goods that are illegal, stolen, inflammable, explosive, environmentally harmful, hazardous, perishable or are a risk to the property of any person are not permitted onsite.

Common items we get questions about include chemicals like chlorine, acid, paint and petrol. This is not a complete list of course. If in doubt just ask.

NOTE: We sell all your packing needs – boxes, tape, bubble wrap, covers, etc.

Yes, You Get Ideal Access and 24/7 Security

We will endeavor to store your goods in the most careful, efficient and economical manner for you.

An innovation in our range of storage services is the use of containers. In this instance, a container is driven up to your home or office, all your goods are loaded on the container, and the container doors are sealed. The container is then driven to our storage centre, and it remains there, locked and sealed, till such time as you would like to retrieve the contents.

Located just 100m of Main North Road, you’re welcome to come in and inspect our facilities anytime