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Take our Advice and save Money

Take our Advice and save Money

Total Care Removals is a family business.

As such, we understand only too well the financial pressures that can apply to many household budgets these days. So, we are determined to try and do our bit to help.

One way we may be able to help to keep your costs down is if you talk to us at the earliest stages when planning your removals. That’s because if we can coordinate our timetable with yours, we may be able to offer you some particularly keen prices for things such as the transport of your goods and perhaps even your packing.


As is the case with all moving companies, at Total Care Removals our services are in a particularly high demand at certain times of the year and on certain days of the week. So, they might be worth avoiding.

Not only that but there may be instances where we are looking to obtain a return load for one of our vehicles and if we can dovetail our logistical situation in with your removals needs, that may save us a little money and we will be only too happy to share that saving with you.

So, for example, trying to avoid Friday as your chosen removals day is always a good idea if you are hoping to find a good deal. That’s because it is typically the day, along with Saturday, when many commercial organisations wish to move in order to reduce the risks of disruption to their normal business work days.

We are not only a pretty friendly bunch but also a mine of useful information and ideas. So, why not give us a call when you first start thinking about your move and get us involved in helping your planning from the earliest stages?

You may find that it helps us to help you save some significant money in the longer term.