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The Dangers of “Cheapo” Packing Materials

The Dangers of “Cheapo” Packing Materials

We understand only too well that times can be tough and every cent counts.

Nevertheless, we most strongly recommend that one area you do not economise in when you are moving home or office is that of your packing materials.

If we are doing your packing for you, you can be absolutely certain that we’ll use only the best export-approved boxes and related packaging items. If you decide to do your own packing then you should really do likewise.

Here are just a few specific things we’d advise you to avoid:

In our extensive experience as Christchurch movers, the above areas are some of the most commonly encountered causes of problems when people do their own packing. The sums involved in buying cheaper as opposed to quality materials are usually tiny to the point of being almost irrelevant in the overall cost of your removal.

So, don’t get enticed into the idea of buying cheap in this important area. If you do, you may well regret it!